A steaming mug of coffee, a hearty bowl of porridge, a stack of panckaes or the FULLEST of English brekkies mixed together with full on mother nature the other side of the glass, served upstairs in our table service restaurant overlooking the beach.

To encourage children to try new dishes, learn about different food and fall in love with eating out, we are excited to offer small portions of any dish on our restaurant menu at half price. These dishes are for under 12s and are part of our commitment to good food for little people.

Restaurant Breakfast Menu (9-11am)

Muffins £8

Benedict – Wiltshre ham, poached Flambard’s eggs, hollandaise – D,E,G,Su

Florentine – Wilted spinach, poached Flambard’s eggs, hollandaise – D,E,G,Su

Royal – Smoked salmon, Poached Flambard’s eggs, hollandaise – D,E,G,F,Su


Brekkies £8.5

Surfs Up – Dorset pork & leek sausage, smoked back bacon, two Flambard’s poached eggs, New Forest mushrooms, roasted tomato, baked beans & toast – D,E,G,Su

Vegan Up – Vegan sausage, roasted tomato, New Forest mushrooms, wilted spinach, avocado & toasted sourdough –  G

Veggie Up – Veggie sausage, two Flambard’s poached eggs, New Forest mushrooms, roasted tomato, baked beans, wilted spinach & toast – D,E,G,Su


Plates £8.50

Smoked Salmon & poached Flambard’s eggs, wilted spinach on toasted sourdough – G,E,F

Smashed avocado with lime & chilli, with two poached Flambard’s eggs on toasted sourdough – G,E



American style pancakes with either,

Maple syrup & berry compote – D,E,G,    £7

Banana & caramel – D,E,G,  £7.5

Maple syrup & smoked back bacon – D,E,G,   £7.5

Kay’s Cakes 

Kay & Nai get to enjoy a beautful morning sunrise whilst they bake up these treats

Gingerbread Friend £2.5

Almond Croissant £3.6

Flapjack (flavours vary) £3

Plant Powered Chocolate & Hazelnut Loaf £3

Chocolate Brownie £3.6

Rocky Road £3

(Please ask the team for allergens)


cocktailDORSET BLOODY MARY – Conker wasabi vodka, Turner & Hardy Co. tomato juice from the Isle of Wight (C) 9

RED SNAPPER – Conker Dorset Dry Gin, Turner & Hardy Co. tomato juice from the Isle of Wight (C)  9

BREAKFAST MARTINI – Ketel One citroen, Ketel One oranje, marmalade, lemon juice 9

BUCKS FIZZ – Prosecco, orange juice 6



Fresh juice – Freshly squeezed orange juice or pressed Hill Farm apple juice 3


URBAN ICED COFFEE – Guest brew from Bad Hand Coffee, choice of vanilla or cinnamon syrup 3.5 

hot-drinksESPRESSO – Our own exclusive blend from Bad Hand Coffee single 1.8 double 2.2

MACCHIATO – Espresso with a small amount of foamed milk 12oz 2.4

GUEST BREW – From our pals Bad Hand Coffee 12oz 2.7

MOCHA Rich hot chocolate, espresso & steamed milk 12oz 3

CAPPUCCINO Classic frothy coffee 12oz 2.9

LATTE Silky smooth milky coffee, our favourite 12oz 2.9

FLAT WHITE Double ristretto shot topped with steamed milk 2.9

HOT CHOCOLATE Proper hot chocolate, rich & intense kids small 2.4 12oz 3

POT OF DORSET TEA (per person) Dorset tea, Earl of Dorset, Wild About Mint, Green, Sunshine lemon & Ginger, Blackberry Syllabub 2

Please ask us any questions about allergens in our food or concerning your dietary requirements. All breads can be swapped for a gluten-free option. Our gluten-free rolls do contain soya. Due to the use of nuts in our kitchens, we cannot guarantee anything to be 100% nut free.

(PP) Plant-powered or Vegan (V) Vegetarian

C (celery), Cr (crustacean), D (dairy),  E (egg),  F (fish), G (gluten), L (lupin), Mo (mollusc), Mu (mustard), N (nuts), P (peanuts), Se (sesame), So (soy), Su (sulphites)


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Whether you're popping in for a Sunday lunch with family, a bite to eat with friends or a romantic dinner for two, you can book a table with us.