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Bournemouth Air Festival


#GetHomeHappy with our handy guide


The Bournemouth Air Festival is amazing! It’s free to attend and great fun. We want to make sure you have the BEST time and #GetHomeHappy – so we’ve put together our guide with tips, hacks and advice for you.


1. Unlike most Festivals – the Bournemouth Air Festival is FREE! So, you can spend your pennies on spoiling yourself with some delicious food and drink at our lovely group of restaurants! (well you didn’t think this guide would be entirely objective and impartial did you!)


2. The Park & Ride – essential if you don’t want to waste time searching for a car park space! Park & Ride can be found at Kings Park (Thu / Fri / Sat & Sun) or Redhill Park (Fri / Sat & Sun).


3. If you are a plane fan of the Air Fest and want front row ‘seats’ and cliff-top views, head for the East Overcliff, midway between the piers. It’s where the display is centred so you’ll have the best vantage point as well as the commentary. 


4. Whilst you are on the clifftop you can check out the new location for the Jon Egging memorial. It’s a beautiful sculpture and a fitting tribute to the Reds pilot.


5. If you are more of a casual observer and like a nice free parking spot, head to Southbourne Beach, park on the clifftop and you can sit in a lofty spot on the dunes or get down to the waters edge for a wide view of the bay. You might even walk past Urban Reef and the Wood Oven, perfect for a coffee, lunch, a quick pint, or takeaway pizza. Yup, we did it again 😉


6. Don’t forget ear defenders for little ones (and big ones) that are sensitive to loud noises.


7. If you fancy getting on board one of the Navy vessels anchored in the Bay you can normally get tickets if you’re quick or if you are feeling lucky, head on to the pier – you might get a cheeky seat in place of a no-show. See the Air Festival Facebook Page for more info and updates on this.


8. There is as much to do on the ground as there is going on in the air, the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Marine will have their villages on the beach. The RAF have their village at the East Overcliff. Try on an SAS rucksack, see a challenger tank do it’s stuff or witness the beach landing, it’s awe-inspiring.


9. Don’t dash off after the planes have landed…understandably the roads and rail routes in the town get a bit chocca straight after the last display. So we say – Get Home Happy – stop for a drink, feed the kids, even get your head down, we’ll look after you.


10. Always. Wear. Su