Take a 360 tour of the Urban Reef Restaurant

Our restaurant is on the first floor. Just come through the door by the deck and head up the stairs. You'll be pleased you made the effort since it's a truly stunning triple height space with beautiful views over Boscombe bay.

Our evening restaurant menu runs from 18:00 until around 22:00 most days, please check our opening hours here for more info. Our team of passionate chefs take their inspiration from the seasons and our predominantly locally available produce and then add a twist from their love of travel and international cuisine. Simple, fresh ingredients cooked well and presented with TLC. It's not rocket science, but it is good.

We are fantastically lucky to be surrounded by the countryside of Dorset and Hampshire and some truly inspirational suppliers who ensure we can be inspired throughout the great British seasons. A delicious fish salad by summer or a rich lamb shank and wine jus by winter... we really live in the perfect country for the outside temperature alone to inspire continually evolving menus.

Our ambience is a blend of informality and quality. Suits are not required, though of course are welcome. Essential is a great appreciation of the horizon, the sky, the sand, the sea and lungs full of fresh salty air.

We love our location, and are confident you will love it too. Enjoy great food, and great drink, whilst sat in mother nature's theatre.